Organizing Members


Organizing members occurs at a number of different levels and Abacus Associates provides research solutions for each of these levels.


At the highest levels of national and state organizing, we work with unions to build strategic plans for how to organize. Specifically, we build research models that help answer questions such as the following: What are the best types of work places to organize? What are the conditions under which organizing efforts are likely to succeed or fail? How great a role can public opinion sway your organizing effort?


We also use research to guide your campaign to organize a new workplace. Your ground game and communication have a strong influence on the success of the campaign and our research guides your strategy. How are your organization, competing organizations and management perceived among the target population? What is the best message for the campaign? Who is the target population that you need to convince the most strongly of the need for your organization? Is your campaign winnable?


Lastly, effective research can help your organization build membership in challenging times in worksites that are already organized. Our research explores the value in union membership and the obstacles to membership. Are your constraints political or organizational? Is it a challenge of too little communication or the wrong message? Our union research helps you identify your challenge and how best to approach that challenge in terms of your organizational resources and your communication strategy.