When Public Opinion Transportation Research Is Needed


The following are a number of areas where public opin ion research is a crucial tool and where Abacus has had extensive experience.


Major Projects

From high-speed rail corridors to major highway expansion to greenways and bike paths, it is important to measure pubic needs and build support for the project, develop informational campaigns while the project is in progress, and to assess public satisfaction upon its completion.


Bonding Campaigns

Surveys to develop message and target voters for winning ballot initiatives for transportation funding and bond referenda for specific projects, and for background research for lobbying efforts.


Long Range Planning

Surveys and focus groups that build upon stakeholder interviews and serve as critical components of the public involvement piece of long range transportation plans—research that provides a representative and generalizable picture of what the whole public is thinking.


Transportation Law & Policy

Surveys and focus groups to gauge public opinion in advance of changes in policy, measure awareness of a current policy, and develop a communication plan to build awareness and support for new policies.


Public Relations & Communications

Research to develop communication strategies around short-term projects, internal and external branding campaigns, and building support for the overall organization.


Customer Satisfaction

These surveys can range from large scale representative surveys of the entire public, or consumers of DOT services to small-scale point-of-use surveys. This research develops benchmarks and tracks over time the users’ goals, expectations, and service experience.