Online Surveys


Depending on your needs, online surveys may be the perfect solution for your organization.  For membership organizations and businesses with strong email addresses and internet access among their members and customers, online surveys can outperform traditional telephone surveys in their ability to reach a representative sample. Furthermore, our advanced software allows Abacus to customize your survey both in terms of content and visually to meet your brand needs.  Furthermore, online surveys (along with online focus groups), allow us to test visual content and media in ways that are simply too costly with telephone surveys.  Unlike focus groups (live or online), online surveys allow us to extract opinion about visual and audio stimuli from a large and diverse audience.


For surveys of larger populations, we depend on our trusted online panel providers for access to millions of volunteers who have been confirmed as real and unique individuals. Using sample matching techniques, we are able to provide our clients with an estimate of how their web survey would match up against a representative sample of their target audience.