Public Relations


We offer many ways to use survey and focus groups research to understand your public relations needs, create and fine tune your public relations message and strategy, and to measure the impact of your public relations campaign.


  • Public Perception: We can explore how the public, customers, stake holders, or key groups perceive your organization, business, or client, and where their perceptions come from.
  • Message testing: We can determine how arguments, images, scenarios, or coverage can change those perceptions.
  • Advertisement testing: Before investing millions of dollars in a public relations campaign, we can make certain your ads accomplish your intended purpose without unintended results.
  • Campaign assessment: We have extensive experience in developing and applying the tools necessary to measure the impact of your campaign and to offer new ideas and directions as the campaign develops.
  • Image management: We can offer continual over-time assessments of where your image stands, and warn you of any problems of changing public perception long before they occur.
  • Crisis management: Good research is necessary to determine the extent of your crisis and the best strategy for overcoming it. Crisis requires a quick and nimble approach. We know how to bring the right approach to the right situation and will get your research done extremely quickly, without sacrificing quality, when a crisis demands it.