Public Involvement


In a world of 24 hours news information and social media feeds, engaging the public has become a basic necessity for project success.  Projects that seem simple and straightforward can quickly become challenging and controversial, if the public voice is not recognized and engaged. Reasoned and meaningful input from shareholders and critical public populations helps project directors see opposition before it derails a project, determine how to achieve consensus, and understand how to revise project plans and communication to reflect the public and stakeholders' concerns.  Furthermore, the independent voice and face that Abacus provides in public involvement permits our clients access to the voice of the public without the impediments that follow when the organizations themselves conduct this research.


Abacus provides comprehensive services for your public involvement needs, from the design stage through completion, including the following:

  • Surveys examine where the public or stakeholder groups stand on an issue as well as determine the most effective communications strategy.
  • Stakeholder Interviews use the opportunity of in-person and private interactions to build rapport and reach deep into stakeholders' attitudes and beliefs to produce a thorough picture of their opinions regarding your project.
  • Focus Groups provide rich insight into the pros and cons of a project and the language that proponents and opponents use to describe their positions.
  • By Facilitating Public Hearings and Community Forums, Abacus helps organizations reach a broad swath of the public in a brief period of time to gather input on projects in a very public and transparent manner.