Developing Your Advertising Message & Targets & Assessing Its Penetration


Abacus Associates provides research in all points in the marketing cycle, from helping to determine your best message and most fertile markets to tracking the return on your advertising investment.


During pre-testing, we use in-person and on-line focus groups to determine the best copy, images and media to maximize emotional and attentive response to your message, and to make sure that the consumer understands the connection to your product or organization.  Pre-testing surveys also help determine the best targets for your advertisements (going beyond existing market segmentation) and the critical product and/or organizational attributes that need to be emphasized in the advertisement, as well as creating awareness and brand image benchmarks for the tracking studies to follow.


During and after the ad buy, we track awareness and brand image to determine the impact of the marketing effort.  We work with our clients to integrate their internal measures with our tracking measures to produce the best estimate of ROI (return on investment).  The goal is not only to know the reach of your message but to understand why and how it worked (or did not work) so as to inform future marketing plans.