Environment Research


We have conducted surveys on environmental issues for initiative campaigns, to build support or opposition around legislation, to mobilize supporters of the environment, and to influence the dialogue on environmental issues among presidential candidates. Our surveys cover a wide variety of environmental issues, including creating national parks; preserving lakes, rivers, forests, coasts, and habitat; limiting mercury poisoning and aerial herbicides; supporting renewable energy; building messaging around smart growth, developing micro-targets for environmental voters, protecting endangered species, and building support for pro-environmental candidates.


Two of examples of our work:


Beating Paper

This is an article we wrote for Campaigns and Elections magazine that explains our successful campaign to defeat a ballot initiative that would have expanded the practice of clearcutting in Maine's North Woods. This is a great example of how a research-driven message and targeting strategy can build support for an environmental initiative—despite being outspent 8-to-1 by the opposition.


Las Vegas & The Groundwater Development Project: Where does it start? Where will it end?

Our focus groups guided the visuals, the tone, the message and the targets in this report on the Southern Nevada Water Authority Pipeline Project. The pamphlet was widely distributed in Nevada and Utah, and among decision makers in the six western states that would be negatively impacted by a pipeline that takes underground water from the Great Basin Aquifer. The research-based report raised concerns that have stalled, and may have permanently stopped, the construction of a pipeline that had been near approval in fall 2006.