K-12 Education Research


Our work on K-12 education issues includes research on a wide variety of topics, with hundreds of surveys and focus groups nationwide and specific to 36 states. Topics include:


Teacher, Administration, and/or Staff Surveys:

  • Improving student achievement (CT, MD, NJ, PA)
  • Assessing the extent, the perception, and the remedies for bullying in public schools (large-scale national survey)
  • Evaluation of professional development opportunities or state beginning teacher training program (CT, NJ, KS, RI)
  • Evaluation of benefits, salary, and/or merit-pay proposals (AR, CT, NH, TN)
  • Protecting teacher and school staff pensions (CT, KY,MD, PA, NJ)
  • Evaluation of the physical conditions of public schools buildings and other working conditions (CT)
  • Expanding the scope of collective bargaining (AK, CT, LA, ME, MA, MD, PA, NH, NJ, NY, RI, VT)
  • Determining why teachers leave the profession (NJ, MD)
  • Assessing teacher experience with and attitudes toward the No Child Left Behind (NCLB) Law, Race to the Top Reforms, Common Core, and other testing/accountability proposals (AR, CT NH, NJ, TN)
  • Evaluating statewide high school reform proposal (CT)
  • Evaluating and building consensus around public school legislation (CT, IN)
  • Evaluating government take over of public school districts (PA)
  • Evaluation of approaches to recruiting and training the best teachers for hard to reach schools (MD)
  • Measuring teacher support for gun control measures and NRA's proposal to arm teachers after Newtown Massacre (CT)


Voter, Parent, or Public Surveys:

  • Building public support for public education (nationwide and specifically in AL, CT, DE, KS, KY, IA, MD, MO, NJ, NY, OH, PA, RI, SD, TN, WA, WI, Ontario, Canada)
  • Public attitudes toward education related revenue raising efforts (CT, IA, MD, NJ)
  • Assessing voter and parent attitudes and support for urban schools (CT, MD, and NJ)
  • Public support for higher teacher salaries or benefits (CT, NH, NJ)
  • Public attitudes toward merit pay (AR TN)
  • Public attitudes toward toward protecting teacher pensions (CT, MD, PA, NJ)
  • Public attitudes toward binding arbitration (CT)
  • Public attitudes toward public school voucher plans (CT, PA, NJ, SC)
  • Public support for local town budgets (NJ)
  • Public attitudes toward NCLB, testing, and other school reform measures (AR, CT, KY, NJ, PA)
  • Public support for school district consolidation (AR)