Modeling & Data Analysis


Abacus employs a wide variety of well-supported and cutting edge advanced multivariate analytical techniques. We provide the right statistical approach and depth for the needs of each client. Some examples include:


  • Conjoint & discrete choice to determine preference trade-offs.
  • Gap & quadrant analysis to determine the distance between the importance assigned by voters, members, or customers to an idea, goal, product, or brand, and the evaluation they give it; and perceptual mapping to visually display voter or customer preferences on two or more dimensions.
  • Targeting & segmentation using cluster analysis, latent class or micro-targeting modeling to determine the voter or customer subgroups with coherent needs, opinions, and experiences in order to maximize the effectiveness of your message or brand.
  • Logit & probit regression, CHAID, and factor analysis to determine the relationships among a number of variables.